Wake And Bake With Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream

We’re not joking, cannabis-infused Ice Cream is actually a thing! An awesome thing!

Okay, maybe we are joking a bit, this new ice-cream being served from Yogland in Westbourne Grove is infused with 40% CBD oil.

For those of you that don’t know, CBD is the part of the cannabis plant that does not get you high, but it does relax you. The easiest way to describe its effect is to imagine something which really annoys you, not annoying you anymore.

You know it should, but with CBD, it just doesn’t anymore. Legal CBD oil has become a craze in recent years due to its beneficial healing effects for illnesses such as arthritis and anxiety. Not only can this ice-cream act as a medicine, it also comes in Matcha flavour and is completely vegan. Each eight-ounce scoop will cost you £4.95. We say bring on the Ice-cream!

You can chow down on this limited edition cannabis-infused snack at: Yogland Fit Desert, 58 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH 

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