This Bar Is Bringing Bingo Back To The 21st Century

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

The idea of spending a Saturday night playing Bingo is not one that many twenty-something-year-olds would ever have in mind. The game is slow, normally pretty boring and usually associated with seniors and retirees across the planet. That is until those same people discover Dabbers Social Bingo.

A new bar and restaurant which is bringing Bingo into the 21st century. With prizes being given out every night, punters can expect unique, amazing experiences and a full night of dynamic entertainment every visit. Everyday customers have the option to play a different version of bingo ranging from The Bingo Brunch Club to the monthly Speed Dating Bingo (who needs Tinder anyways). 

Immersive activities like Dabbers have been thriving across London and the trend is only set to grow. We would recommend booking beforehand as they do get very busy during peak hours. Happy Dabbing.

You can find out more information about Dabbers by clicking this super slick magical link for iPhone and this link for Android.