The ‘World’s Best Bar’ Dandelyan Is Reopening As Lyaness

Talk about some big shoes to fill.

The ‘World’s Best Bar’ is shutting its doors in March and reopening as Lyaness, a cocktail bar with a completely new concept.

Dandelyan, the brainchild of Ryan Chetiyawardana has been one of the capital’s favourite bars since it opened its doors in 2015. The bar was lowkey, unpretentious and never screamed out about its accolades.

The ‘World’s Best Bar’ managed to sell over 1000 high-concept cocktails every night which is extremely rare for any bar globally. 

Chetiyawardana told Drinks International “London is excited by things that feel new and relevant – there is no timelessness at the cutting edge. When we look at the things we have done at Dandelyan and White Lyan [Mr Lyan’s first bar which made way for Super Lyan], they have now become commonplace. Why wouldn’t we change? It was obvious we had to kill Dandelyan.”

The confidence which Chetiyawardana speaks with gives us complete hope that Lyaness will top the feats of Dandelyan and go on to become one of the pinnacle bars in London. 

Lyaness will launch in the same space that Dandelyan occupied at the Sea Containers London Hotel, which was known until this week as the Mondrian Hotel.

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