The Hidden Malaysian Restaurant in Euston That You Probably Don’t Know About As Yet

Tip Number 1: Do not use a knife and fork.

If you’re looking for some really authentic Malaysian comfort food in London, you can finally stop your search. Roti King is the peoples choice for the tastiest roti in town. Founded by Sugen Gopal, Roti King pays homage to the restaurant his parents opened in Malaysia in the ’70s.

The Malaysian Tamil menu includes their famous flaky, buttery rotis, dosas and curries. The rotis come with the choice of chicken, lamb, fish or lentil curries and are all priced under £6. We liked the warm, chicken option and are sure you will as well. This is some of the most authentic Malaysian street food that you will find in London.

The success of Roti King has led to Sugen Gopal opening a new site called Gopal’s Corner at Market Halls in Victoria. If you work in the area, we can definitely attest for the fact this is significantly better than the Tesco meal deal that you had last week.

You’ll find Roti King at Euston Chinese, 40 Doric way, London NW1 1LH . Or, discover more information by clicking this super slick magical link for iPhone and this link for Android.