The Camden Food Stall Behind The Rise Of Halloumi Fries

When Nandos copies your idea, you know it has to be a good one!

Any of you with an addiction to food photos on Instagram, would have very likely have seen images of Halloumi Fries popping up time and time again.

The sharp rise in popularity of the Cypriot street food seller has seen national brands like Aldi and Nandos accepting the trend and adding them to their menu’s and stores.

But many people across the country would be unaware that this trend started at Oli Baba’s in KERB Market in Camden.

The presentation and Instagrammability (not sure if that’s a word) of the street food won the hearts of bloggers and Vloggers across the country.

Meat-free Levantine cuisine is Oli’s focus – the founders were converted to the culinary delights of the Middle East during a six month long trip to the region and their crowd-drawing street food van is the legacy of that experience.

The menu boasts authentic fattoush (flatbread salad) and toasted pita sandwiches and the bread is baked fresh every morning.