Taiwan’s Favourite Fried Chicken Restaurant Makes Its London Debut

No more 5 hour waits!

It’s safe to say that London is definitely not over the initial (and well deserved) hype of Din Tai Fung. Weeks after the Chinese restaurant opened, customers are still waiting 4 hours+ to get a table.

Hopefully, with the launch of Monga Fried Chicken, Taiwan’s favourite fried chicken chain, customers will not have to wait as long. Monga may not have the same global accolades of Din Tai Fung, but it certainly is as popular. 

Monga is named after Taipei’s oldest district, Wanhua, thought to be “the birthplace of Taiwanese culture and is famous for its extremely crisp and crunchy chicken skin.

They achieve this amazing texture by marinating chicken breast in honey, before dipping in batter instead of dry flour, then fried. The chicken can then be served with five different flavour profiles including plain, spicy dry rub and seaweed.

The Taiwanese street snack restaurant is the first in Europe and has space for 30 covers.

Find Monga Fried Chicken at 12 Macclesfield St, London W1D 5BP. 

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