Sweat & Sound Is The Workout We’ve All Been Waiting For


The sort of workout where you can REALLY let go!

Sweat & Sound is the new immersive fitness class which lets Londoner’s workout at some of the coolest venues across town.

We’re talking everything from a UK Grime themed spin class on a city rooftop all the way through to live classical yoga sessions in some of the countries oldest churches. 

Now, if you’re wondering why you’ve never seen any Sweat & Sound classes online, it’s because they try to stay very lowkey about their events. In order to take part in any class, enthusiasts have to sign up to an exclusive S&S email list and wait for an email invite.

Sweat & Sound classes have grown from a seed into one of the most sort after wellness experiences in the capital. They’ve even launched in New York City!

These sessions are open to anyone who has a love of fitness or just wants to become a little healthier.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert, these sessions are so fun that any nerves are quickly eliminated in the first five minutes. 

You’ll find more information about Sweat & Sound here. Discover more of London’s favourite fitness classes by clicking this super slick magical link for iPhone and this link for Android. 



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