Have You Tried This Italian Fast Food Spot Popping Up Around London

The fast-casual dining scene in the U.K. has exploded in the last few years.

Enter Vapiano, a German restaurant franchise who serve some of the best Italian food that we have ever eaten in the UK. The concept is a very simple one, like Nando’s you go up to a til to make your order, but instead of returning to your seat, the Vapiano chefs make your meal right in front of your eyes.

With fresh Basil laid out on every table and an Olive Tree in all restaurants, you would be hard pressed to not think that you were in Italy. Diners have the choice between 11 different pasta’s and can get them changed in any way they see fit. In order to keep the lines moving quickly, Vapiano restaurants are set out in sections (pasta, pizza, Antipasta).


Those guests who want to enjoy an after-dinner coffee or drink can move from their table to the bar or the comfortable lounge. Thanks to the smart-card payment system, they just pay for their consumption at the desk when they are ready to leave the restaurant. Vapiano is the perfect setting for a quick lunch, an afternoon break, or a pleasant dinner with friends or family. 

This was not a paid review, we just really enjoyed the food and want to make your lunches a little bit better.