Don’t Like Brexit? Here’s 25% Off Your Next Pizza

You can always find light in the darkest times!

We’ve finally found it! The first positive about the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. It’s taken a while, but, Oliver Kenny, owner of Apollo Pizza in Stoke Newington has finally found a way to get people smiling again.

In typical British fashion, Mr Kenny is offering 25% off of Apollo Pizza if their customers back a second referendum. The pizza restaurant has told locals that any customers that bring in a copy of a letter or email to their local member of parliament expressing support for a second Brexit referendum will be eligible for the deal.

“Our tiny little pizzeria in Hackney should do our bit to positively say what we think is the best thing to do.” The Hackney North and Stoke Newington constituency voted 78 percent in favour of staying in the E.U., so there should be a wealth of interested parties.

This is arguably one of the strangest positives to come out of Brexit, but who are we to argue. It’s cheap pizza and we can support that all the way!

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