A Hackney Restaurant Is Serving A Fried Chicken And Caviar Brunch

Fried Chicken And Caviar: The epitome of new Hackney!

By many people, gentrification is looked at as a negative consequence of society’s urge to reach upper-middle-class status. By us, it’s looked at as an opportunity to introduce a range of stunning activities, restaurants and bars to a sector of society who may have once been too afraid to venture out into the more adventurous parts of the city. 

Introducing Carte Blanche, a new French-American restaurant which has its heart set on inspiring the famous folk of Hackney. A once questionable part of London, Hackney is slowly making its mark as one of the most exciting foodie spots on the planet.  

The menu is a world away from the usual cheapo chicken spots found frequenting the area. Diners can look forward to enjoying fusion food which incorporates the best of French and American cuisine.

Starting with Brunch snacks, find yourself salivating over a choice of truffle mac n cheese or Nashville Fried Oysters, both of which cost under a fiver. If you’re feeling a bit more boujie, you can have a go at the Confit Duck & Foie Gras Poutine, an usual, but exciting take on a Canadian Favourite. 

For a main, you will never go wrong with the infamous Fried Chicken & Caviar Benedict. Honestly, even if you don’t like caviar or think it’s for pretentious Etonians called Fenton, give it a go and understand why this is going to be one of the most popular dishes of 2019. The tender sweetness of the Fried chicken combines with the saltiness of the caviar to create something magical.

To top it off, for an extra £20, you can get unlimited bloody mary’s, french spritz and mimosa’s!

Weekend bookings are open and you can find out more information by clicking this super slick magical link for iPhone and this link for Android.