E-Commerce Opportunities

City Surfer has a wide range of e-commerce opportunities ranging from tickets and table bookings to live events and exclusive offers.

City Surfer Offers

City Surfer Offers are a great way for your business to create sales and awareness of your products or services. In London we have a database of over 100,000 socially active customers who trust City Surfer to inspire them with the best of the capital.

So whether you deliver the best haircuts, spa treatments or theatre shows or want to get your festival or cookery course more customers, we can help you drive more business through a daily, weekly and monthly email as well as website and social channels.

Live Events

If you are looking to capitalise on space within your venue, we can help with an exclusively designed City Surfer event. Working with restaurants, performers, bands and authors, City Surfer delivers exclusive experiences. We can help you drive additional revenue to your business and we can also manage all the ticketing.